React Tutorial

What is React and benefits of learning React?

React is the most popular JavaScript framework developed by Facebook and is now used by the companies like Netflix, Airbnb, BBC, UberEats, PayPal, etc. It is used by developers worldwide and is the most sought-after framework by employers.

React is a front-end framework that enables developers to create great-looking user interfaces and easily maintainable websites. From single-page web apps to complex e-commerce sites, almost anything can be built using React. In simple terms, React library is everywhere.

With the release of React Native, you can now build android and iOS apps using React.

Whether you want to create a website or develop a mobile app, you must know JavaScript to use React library. To learn JavaScript and the latest ES6 syntaxes like arrow function, object destructuring, array, and others, refer JavaScript tutorial. Following are the topics that are covered in React tutorial: