numpy.matrix() in Python | np.matrix() in Python

Numpy.matrix() is a class that takes array or string as an argument and returns a 2-D array which is called the matrix.

Syntax for numpy.matrix()

numpy.matrx(data, dtype=None)

Note: In the official documentation, it is mentioned that matrix() class might be removed in the future. So, instead of this try to use Numpy ndarray. Source: numpy.matrix

data parameter refers to the array or string.

dtype parameter controls the data type od the returned matrix.

Note: Following tutorials are essential to improve your understanding of performing various matrix operations in NumPy:

Python program to create numpy matrix

import numpy as np

#Passing string as an argument
a = np.matrix('5 10 15; 51 57 68; 32 47 28')
print('Matrix creating using string:\n', a)
#Passing array as an argument
b = np.matrix([[12, 36, 48], [14, 28]])
print('Matrix creation using array:\n', b)

Output of the above program

Matrix creating using string:
 [[ 5 10 15]
 [51 57 68]
 [32 47 28]]
Matrix creation using array:
 [[list([12, 36, 48]) list([14, 28])]]

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