Difference between --save and --save-dev in Node.js

Even though both --save and --save-dev flags are used to install packages locally, there are certain aspects in which these two differ.

The difference between --save and --save-dev is explained in the following table:

--save --save-dev
Packages installed using --save are the core dependencies of the project. Packages installed using --save-dev are used during the project's development phase.
--save makes an entry of the package in the dependencies section of the package.json file. devDependencies field of the package.json is updated when you install a package using the --save-dev flag.
Examples of packages installed using the --save flag are express, socket.io, etc. Packages installed using --save-dev flag are nodemon, eslint, mocha, etc.
-S is an alias of --save. -D is an alias of --save-dev.
Packages needed for the proper functioning of the project are installed using the --save flag. --save-flag is used when you need packages only for development purposes.

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