Markdown Tutorial

What is Markdown?

Markdown is a conversion tool that converts text to HTML elements. John Grubber, along with Aaron Swartz, created Markdown in 2004. Since then, Markdown has become the most popular markup language. Websites such as GitHub, StackOverflow, Reddit, Discord, and much more use Markdown to transform the text into HTML elements.

Markdown is mainly used in readme files, documentation, discussion forums, and other collaborative platforms. Simplicity is the most significant advantage of Markdown, and it enables users to format text without knowing HTML.

Due to the lack of formal specifications, various implementations of Markdown came into the scene. Some developers have introduced additional features to Markdown, such as tables, strikethrough, footnotes, emojis, etc. Later on, certain Markdown implementations like CommonMark, MultiMarkdown, GitHub Flavored Markdown, Markdown Extra, pandoc, and few others are officially considered Markdown variants. Following are the topics covered in the Markdown tutorial:

Note: Markdown is considered a markup language that is lightweight and easy to use. The file extension of Markdown is .md or .markdown.