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How to replace comma with semicolon in JavaScript?

Use the string replace() method, to replace comma with semicolon, e.g. str.replace(/,/g, ';'). The replace() method will return a new string in which commas are replaced with semicolons.

let str = 'React,Angular,Vue,Bootstrap';
let newString = str.replace(/,/g, ';')
console.log(newString); //"React;Angular;Vue;Bootstrap"

The String.replace() method accepts two arguments:

  1. Regular expression or string: It is the pattern or string that you want to replace.
  2. Replacement string: The string will replace the matched pattern or string.

Here, we have passed a regular expression /,/g, and semicolon ';' as arguments to the replace() method.

Instead of a regular expression, if we have passed a comma as a string, then only the first occurrence of the comma is replaced with a semicolon.

let str = 'React,Angular,Vue,Bootstrap';
let newString = str.replace(',', ';')
console.log(newString); //"React;Angular,Vue,Bootstrap"

Always remember one thing, whenever you want to replace all the occurrences of commas, pass a regular expression with the g flag.

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