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How to remove vowels from a string in JavaScript?

How to remove vowels from a string in JavaScript?

To remove vowels from a string, call the replace() method and pass the regular expression, /[aeiou]/gi, and an empty string to the replace() method.

let str = "Learning JavaScript";
let noVowelsStr = str.replace(/[aeiou]/gi, '');
console.log(noVowelsStr); //"Lrnng JvScrpt"

The replace() method will not update the original string; instead, it will return a new string in which all the vowels are replaced with an empty string.

The replace() method accepts two arguments:

  1. A regular expression to match in the string
  2. A replacement string that will replace the matched pattern.

The regular expression is created using forward slashes. For example, /\d/ is a regular expression and it matches any digit from 0 to 9.

In a regular expression, anything that you write in the square brackets is called a character class, and it matches any character contained in the brackets. For example, [xyz] matches x, y and z.

The "g" flag matches all occurrences of a vowel. Without the g flag, the replace() method will only replace the first occurrence of a vowel.

let str = "Learning JavaScript";
let noVowelsStr = str.replace(/[aeiou]/i, '');
console.log(noVowelsStr); //"Larning JavaScript"

The "i" flag performs a case-insensitive match. If you don't specify the "i" flag, you have to write the regular expression like this /[aeiouAEIOU]/g.

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