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How to use the String trimStart() method in JavaScript?

If you want to remove the whitespaces from the beginning of a string, then use the trimStart() method. The trimStart() method does not modify the original string and returns a new string that is left-trimmed.

The syntax for the trimStart() method is:

let leftTrimmedString = originalString.trimStart();

In JavaScript, the following characters are considered whitespaces:

  • Spaces
  • Tabs
  • Newline
  • Carriage return
  • Form feed

The following example explains how to use trimStart() method.

let str = "   JavaScript String     ";
let leftTrimmedString = str.trimStart();

console.log('Left-trimmed String');
console.log('Original String');


Left-trimmed String
"JavaScript String     "
Original String
"   JavaScript String     "

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