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How to remove an event handler using JavaScript?

If you have attached an event handler using the addEventListener() method and want to remove that event handler, then call the removeEventListener() method and pass a reference of that event handler to the removeEventHandler() method.

htmlElement.removeEventHandler(event, eventHandler);

Let's understand the entire process of removing an event handler with the help of an example:

Suppose there is a button and you have registered an event handler that will be called when a button is clicked.

<button id="btn">Click Me</button>
JavaScript Code
let btn = document.getElementById('btn');

function eventHandler(event){
  alert('button is clicked');
btn.addEventListener('click', eventHandler);

If you want to remove the event listener on the click event, then call the removeEventListener() method and pass that event handler to it.

JavaScript Code
btn.removeEventListener('click', eventHandler);

Note: If the event handler is an anonymous function, then you won't be able to remove that event handler. This is because you don't have reference to that anonymous function.