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How to add 7 days to date in JavaScript?

If you want to add 7 days to date, then follow the following steps:

  1. First, call the getDate() method on the Date object to get the day of the month.
  2. Add 7 to the day obtained in step 1.
  3. The value you got in step 2 passes it to the setDate() method.

In this way, you can add 7 days to a date.

let today = new Date();
console.log(today); //Sun Feb 20 2022
today.setDate(today.getDate() + 7);
console.log(today); //Sun Feb 27 2022

Date class provides two methods, getDate() and setDate().

The getDate() method is used to get the day of the month. It returns an integer value between 1 and 31.

The setDate() method is used to set the day of the month.

If you are worried about adding 7 days to the date result into the following month or year, you have to update month and year. Then no need to worry; the good thing about the Date class is that it automatically updates the month or year based on the day passed by the user.

let d1 = new Date('2022-01-27');
d1.setDate(d1.getDate() + 7);
console.log(d1.toString()); //Thu Feb 03 2022
let d2 = new Date('2021-12-25');
d2.setDate(d2.getDate() + 7);
console.log(d2.toString()); //Sat Jan 01 2022

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