Volume and Surface Area with Explanation

Q8. The radius and height of a cylinder are in ratio 5 : 7 and its volume is 550 cm3. Find its radius?

A. 5 cm B. 6 cm
C. 4 cm D. 3 cm

Q9. Into circular drum of radius 4.2 m and height 3.5 m, how many full bags of wheat can be emptied if the space required for wheat in each bag is 2.1 cubic meters?

A. 80 B. 85
C. 92 D. 90

Q10. The curved surface area of a cone is 4070 cm2 and its diameter is 70 cm. What is its slant height?

A. 35 cm B. 37 cm
C. 48 cm D. 50 cm

Q11. How many meters of cloth 5 m wide will be required to make a conical tent, the radius of whose base is 7 m and whose height is 74 m?

A. 100 m B. 120 m
C. 150 m D. 110 m