Time and Distance with Explanation

Q8. Car A finishes a trip of 300 km in 7.5 hours while car B completes a trip of 450 km in 9 hours. What is the ratio of their speed?

A. 7 : 9 B. 4 : 5
C. 2 : 3 D. 3 : 5

Q9. Arun goes to his office from his home at a rate of 3 km/hr and returns at a rate of 2 km/hr. Find the distance between his office and home, if he takes 5 hours in this entire journey?

A. 8 km B. 7 km
C. 9 km D. 6 km

Q10. A certain distance is traveled by truck at a certain speed. If a bus covers half the distance in double the time, find the ratio of the speed of the bus to that of the truck?

A. 1 : 4 B. 4 : 1
C. 1 : 3 D. 3 : 1

Q11. An inspector notices a thief from a distance of 200 meters after this thief starts running and the inspector chases him. The inspector and the thief run at the speed of 11 km/hr and 10 km/hr respectively. The distance between them after 6 minutes is?

A. 110 m B. 90 m
C. 100 m D. 120 m

Q12. A man in a plane finds that he can count 21 stars in 1 minute. Assuming the distance between stars is 50 meters, what is the speed of the plane?

A. 60 km/hr B. 50 km/hr
C. 70 km/hr D. 80 km/hr

Q13. A passionate traveler travels 100 km by car at 50 km/hr, 800 km by ship at 40 km/hr, 600 km by train at 80 km/hr and 500 km by helicopter at 400 km/hr. Find the average speed for the entire journey?

A. 65.04 km/hr B. 60 km/hr
C. 63 km/hr D. 62.33 km/hr

Q14. A train starts from city Y at 2 PM and travels towards city X at 75 km/hr. Another train starts from city X at 1 PM and travels towards Y at 60 km/hr. If the distance is between theses two cities is 330 km then at what time will they meet?

A. 5:00 PM B. 5:30 PM
C. 6:00 PM D. 4:00 PM