Time and Distance with Explanation

Q1. Rohan is running at a speed of 6 km/hr crosses a flyover in 18 minutes. What is the length of the flyover (in meters)?

A. 1800 meters B. 1500 meters
C. 1200 meters D. 1900 meters

Q2. Ankita left for Delhi from Jaipur at 6 AM. For 2 hours, she traveled at the rate of 80 km/hr. After that, she reduced her speed to 60 km/hr. If the distance between two cities is 400 km, find the time when Ankita will reach Delhi?

A. 11:30 AM B. 11:55 AM
C. 12:00 PM D. 12:30 PM

Q3. In one minute, a bike travels a distance of 550 meters whereas a car travels a distance of 33 km in 45 minutes. What is the ratio of their speed?

A. 5 : 6 B. 3 : 4
C. 4 : 2 D. 1 : 5

Q4. Simran runs around a circular field at a rate of 6 rounds per hour whereas Anita walks around the same field at the rate of 1 round per hour. If both started in the same direction from the same point at 7:30 AM then at what time they will first cross each other?

A. 8:15 AM B. 7:50 AM
C. 8:00 AM D. 7:42 AM

Q5. What is the time taken by a man to run around a rectangular field of dimension 33 meters by 37 meters, if he runs at the speed of 6 km/hr?

A. 56 sec. B. 65 sec.
C. 40 sec. D. 55 sec.

Q6. A worker covered a distance of 61 km in 9 hours. He traveled partly on public transport at 4 km/hr and partly on auto at 9 km/hr. What is the distance traveled on public transport?

A. 12 km B. 15 km
C. 16 km D. 18 km

Q7. In the air, sound moves at a rate of 1100 feet per second. A boy hears the temple's bell sound 2.2 seconds after he sees it ringing. Find the distance of the man from the temple?

A. 2420 ft B. 2500 ft
C. 2619 ft D. 2279 ft