Simplification with Explanation

Q8. In a training center if all the students are accommodated according to 7 students per bench, there would be space left for 5 students. However, if 6 students are accommodated per bench, one more bench will be required. How many students are there in the training center?

A. 42 B. 72
C. 55 D. 30

Q9. The cost of 3 jackets and 4 sweaters is Rs. 6200 and 4 jackets and 3 sweaters cost Rs. 6400. What is the cost of buying 12 jackets?

A. Rs. 11000 B. Rs. 9000
C. Rs. 12000 D. Rs. 9500

Q10. A software development company decided to take his employees for a picnic and planned to spend Rs. 96 on eatable items. Due to some reason, four employees did not turn up. As a result, the remaining one had to contribute Rs. 4 each extra. How many employees had attended the picnic?

A. 12 B. 14
C. 8 D. 10

Q11. There are two lifts A and B in an apartment that run at a rate of 63 floors per minute and 57 floors per minute respectively. Madhav gets on a lift B at the 11th floor and rides up. While at the same time, Raghav gets on a lift A at the 51st floor and rides down. Find the floor at which they will meet each other?

A. 24 B. 37
C. 27 D. 30

Q12. After distributing the chocolates equally among 25 kids, 8 chocolates remain. Had the number of children been 28, 22 chocolates would have been left after equally distributing. Find the total number of chocolates?

A. 315 B. 368
C. 358 D. 322

Q13. Rajesh owes Rs. X and gives a Rs. 50 note in payment. He receives the following change: 14 ten-paisa coins, 3X fifty-paisa coins, and 4X five-paisa coins. What is the value of X?

A. 18 B. 20
C. 19 D. 17

Q14. If every 3 out of 4 readymade suits need alterations in the sleeves and every 2 out of 5 need alterations in the collar. How many alterations are required in 20 suits?

A. 25 B. 20
C. 30 D. 23