Simplification with Explanation

Q1. Rakesh purchases a certain number of cookies for Rs. 400. If the price of a cookie is cheaper by Rs. 2 then he could have purchased 10 more cookies. Find the number of cookies purchased?

A. 40 B. 20
C. 15 D. 10

Q2. The cost of 8 mangoes is equal to 5 pineapples, and the price of 6 pineapples is equal to 9 pomegranates. If 3 pomegranates cost Rs. 90, what is the price of a mango?

A. Rs. 25.32 B. Rs. 28.65
C. Rs. 20 D. Rs. 28.12

Q3. In a city, the fare of a cab consist of fixed charge plus the charge for the distance covered. For a journey of 8 km, the charges paid is Rs. 300 and for 15 km, the charges paid is Rs. 335. Determine the charge a person will have to pay for 24 km?

A. Rs. 236 B. Rs. 248
C. Rs. 380 D. Rs. 346

Q4. In a class of 80 students, each girl donated rupees equal to the number of boys and each boy donated rupees equal to the number of girls. If the donation collected is Rs. 3000. How many girls are there in a class?

A. 18 B. 50
C. 34 D. 25

Q5. A farmer has some cows and parrots. The number of legs is 20 more than twice the number of heads. How many cows are there with the farmer?

A. 8 B. 6
C. 10 D. 7

Q6. The cost of a piece of fabric is Rs. 80. If each meter costs Rs. 2 less then in the same price 2 meters more fabric would have been purchased. How long is the cloth?

A. 8 m B. 12 m
C. 10 m D. 13 m

Q7. Suresh and Mahesh donated Rs. 100 each in charity. Mahesh gives each Rs. 1 more than Suresh and Suresh distributes money to 5 more people than Mahesh. How many people are there in this charity?

A. 90 B. 60
C. 72 D. 45