Profit and Loss with Explanation

Q8. Three varieties of rice costing Rs. 30, Rs. 50, and Rs. 20 are mixed in the ratio 3 : 2 : 4 in terms of weight. A retailer sells the mixture at Rs. 33 per kg. What percentage of profit does he make?

A. 8% B. 9%
C. 10% D. None of these

Q9. A merchant purchases 2 dozen of pineapples at Rs. 16 per dozen. After selling 18 pineapples at a rate of Rs. 12 per dozen, the man decreased the rate to Rs. 4 per dozen. The percent loss is

A. 36.5% B. 25.2%
C. 32.4% D. 37.5%

Q10. A milkman pays Rs. 6.40 per liter of milk. He adds water and sells the mixture at Rs. 8 per liter. By doing this, he makes 37.5% profit. Find the proportion of water to milk received by the customers?

A. 1 : 12 B. 1 : 10
C. 1 : 15 D. 1 : 20

Q11. Instead of using kilogram weight, a dishonest trader uses a weight of 800gm. He claims to sell at cost price. What is the profit percentage?

A. 25% B. 20%
C. 16.33% D. 15%

Q12. A trader bought 30 kg of groundnuts at a certain price and 30 kg groundnuts at a price of Rs. 17.50 per kg. He mixed the two and sold the entire mixture at a rate of Rs. 18.60 per kg and made 20% overall profit. At what price per kg did he purchase a lot of another 30 kg groundnuts?

A. 15.50 B. 12.50
C. 13.50 D. 14.50

Q13. If the selling price of x apples is equal to cost price of 15 apples. By doing this, the shopkeeper gains 25% then find the value of x?

A. 12 B. 15
C. 16 D. 14

Q14. The ratio of selling price and cost price is 6 : 5. What is the profit percent?

A. 10% B. 20%
C. 17% D. 15%