Problems on Trains with Explanation

Q15. Yuvraj is running at 6 km/hr in the opposite direction to that of a train of 110 meters long. A train crosses him in 6 seconds. What is the train's speed?

A. 65 km/hr B. 45 km/hr
C. 50 km /hr D. 60 km/hr

Q16. A passenger is traveling in a train which is moving at 50 km/hr measures that another train, going in opposite direction, takes 9 seconds to cross him. If the length of another train is 280 meters, find its speed?

A. 60 km/hr B. 55 km/hr
C. 62 km/hr D. 50 km/hr

Q17. A train of length 100 meters is speeding with 30 km/hr. Find the time taken by this train to pass a man standing on the platform?

A. 12 sec B. 10 sec
C. 9.5 sec D. 15 sec

Q18. A train crosses a bridge in 30 seconds, is moving at 45 km/hr. If its length is 130 meters find the length of the bridge?

A. 250 meters B. 225 meters
C. 240 meters D. 245 meters

Q19. A train travels a distance of 30 km at a constant speed. If the rate of a train is increased by 5 km per hour, the journey would have taken 2 hours less. Find the original speed of the train?

A. 25 km/hr B. 22 km/hr
C. 26 km/hr D. 27 km/hr

Q20. In a journey of 600 km, train A takes 3 hours less than a train B. If the rate of train B is 10 km/hr less than that of train A. Find the speed of train B?

A. 35 km/hr B. 42.5 km/hr
C. 40 km/hr D. 48 km/hr

Q21. A train left 30 minutes later than the Schedule time and to reach its destination in time it increased its speed by 250 km/hr. If the target is 1500 km away, find the speed of the train?

A. 800 km/hr B. 850 km/hr
C. 725 km/hr D. 750 km/hr