Problems on Trains with Explanation

Q1. If the speed of the train is 72 km/hr, find the time taken by a train of length 100 metres to cross a bridge 132 metres in length.

A. 9.8 sec B. 11.6 sec
C. 11.1 sec D. 14.3 sec

Q2. A train takes 10 min. to travel a distance of 12 km. If it takes 6 sec. to pass a tower, then find the length of the train?

A. 110 m B. 120 m
C. 135 m D. 140 m

Q3. A train is traveling at a speed of 90 km crosses a station in 1 minute. The length of the train and the station are equal. Find the length of the train?

A. 750 m B. 780 m
C. 650 m D. 600 m

Q4. A train takes 40.5 seconds to cross a platform of length 300 meters. If the train is 150 meters long, find the speed of the train in km/hr?

A. 50 km/hr B. 45 km/hr
C. 40 km/hr D. 42 km/hr

Q5. There are two stations of length 162 meters and 120 meters respectively. A train takes 15 seconds to pass first station and 18 seconds to pass another station. Determine the length of the train?

A. 90 m B. 70 m
C. 100 m D. 95 m

Q6. A train of length 120 meters is moving at 45 km/hr in the same direction as that of the jogger. A jogger is traveling alongside a track is 240 meters ahead of the train's engine. If jogger's speed is 9 km/hr, find the time required by the train to pass the jogger?

A. 35 sec B. 32 sec
C. 28 sec D. 36 sec

Q7. A faster train of length 0.9 km is moving at 90 km/hr. There is another train of length 1.10 km is moving in opposite direction to that of the faster train at a speed of 60 km/hr. What is the time taken by the slower train to cross the faster train?

A. 45 sec B. 46 sec
C. 48 sec D. 35 sec