Percentage with Explanation

Q15. If x is 90% of y, what percent of x is y?

A. 91% B. 95%
C. 101% D. 111.11%

Q16. A Mother wants to equally distribute 405 cookies among her children in such a way that the number of cookies received by each child is 20% of the total number of children. Find the number of cookies each child received?

A. 9 B. 18
C. 45 D. 15

Q17. Jitendra gave 40% of the money he had to Rakesh. Rakesh, in turn, gave one-fourth of what he received from Jitendra to Saket. Saket paid Rs. 200 to the taxi driver out of the money he got from Rakesh. Now, Saket has Rs. 600 left with him. What is the amount of money Jitendra has with him?

A. Rs. 10,000 B. Rs. 8000
C. Rs. 9100 D. Rs. 7800

Q18. From the salary of Aman, 10% goes to house rent, 20% of the rest, he spends to a conveyance, 20% of the rest he pays as income tax and 10% of the balance, he spends on laundry. After all of these expenses, he is left with Rs. 15,552. Find Aman's salary?

A. Rs. 40,000 B. Rs. 25,000
C. Rs. 30,000 D. Rs. 50,000

Q19. Q secured 40% marks and got 35 marks more than those required to pass. P scored 30% marks and failed by 15 marks. What is the pass percentage?

A. 33% B. 46%
C. 41% D. 38%

Q20. In an office, 44% of the workers prefer coffee and 72% prefer tea. If each of them prefers coffee or tea and 40 like both. Determine the total number of workers in the office?

A. 200 B. 250
C. 240 D. 210