Percentage with Explanation

Q1. 10% of the villagers have died of dengue. A panic situation arises in which 25% of the remaining villagers left the village. The population is then reduced to 4050. What is the original number of villagers?

A. 6500 B. 5500
C. 5000 D. 6000

Q2. The total number of girls and boys in a campus are 150. If the number of boys is x, then the number of girls becomes x% of the total number of students. How many boys are there in the school?

A. 50 B. 60
C. 80 D. 70

Q3. If the price of an Apple was decreased by 10%, then the number of apples sold increased by 30%. Find the effect on the total revenue?

A. 17% B. 16%
C. 17.50% D. 18%

Q4. In a survey, 40% houses contained two or more people. Of those houses containing only one person, 25% were having only a male. Determine the percentage of all houses that contain exactly one female and no males?

A. 46% B. 40%
C. 45% D. 50%

Q5. In an election between two candidates, 75% of the voters cast their votes, out of which 2% of the votes were declared invalid. One of the candidates got 9261 votes which were 75% of the total valid votes. What is the total number of votes enrolled in this election?

A. 16500 B. 16800
C. 17000 D. 15100

Q6. In an entrance test in City P, 6% candidates got selected from the total appeared candidates. City Q had an equal number of candidates appeared, and 7% candidates got selected with 80 more candidates got selected than P. Find the number of candidates appeared in the test from each city?

A. 7700 B. 8400
C. 8000 D. 9000

Q7. 24% of 210 + 88% of 370 - ? = 118

A. 358 B. 258
C. 278 D. 246