Average with Explanation

Q1. The average age of the father and his six children is 12 years which is reduced by 5 years when the age of the father is excluded. What is the age of the father?

A. 42 years B. 45 years
C. 46 years D. 43 years

Q2. The average age of 8 boys is increased by 2 years when two new girls replace two girls of age 21 years and 23 years. Find the average age of the two new girls?

A. 24 years B. 26 years
C. 30 years D. 28 years

Q3. A factory employees 500 women and 500 men and the average wage is Rs. 25 per day. If a man gets Rs. 3 more than a woman, what are their daily wages?

A. Man: Rs. 27.50, Woman: Rs. 24.50 B. Man: Rs. 25, Woman: Rs. 22
C. Man: Rs. 30.5, Woman: Rs. 27.5 D. Man: Rs. 23.5, Woman: Rs. 20.5

Q4. Of the four numbers, the first number is 5 times the second number, the second is one-fourth of the third and the third is double the fourth. The average of these numbers is 33. What is the largest numbers among these four?

A. 45 B. 42
C. 49 D. 35

Q5. The average monthly salary of 20 employees in a factory is Rs. 1500. If the salary of manager is added, then the average salary increases by Rs. 100. Find the monthly salary of manager?

A. Rs. 3600 B. Rs. 3100
C. Rs. 2600 D. Rs. 4700

Q6. For the first 3 months, a factory manufactures on an average 3000 cars per month. To obtain an average of 4500 cars per month over the whole, how many cars it must manufacture over the next 9 months?

A. 4800 B. 4621
C. 4732 D. 5000

Q7. A team of 8 players joins in a swimming contest. If the best player instead of 85 points scored 92 points, the average score of the team would have been 84. What is the number of points the team scored?

A. 665 B. 635
C. 585 D. 745