Area with Explanation

Q8. A rectangular park 55 m x 35 m has two roads each 4 meters wide running in the middle of it, One parallel to the length and the other parallel to the breadth. If the rate of gravelling the road is 75 paisa per sq.m, find the cost of gravelling the road?

A. Rs. 263 B. Rs. 258
C. Rs. 255 D. Rs. 250

Q9. One meter broad boundary is to be gardened around a rectangular home having a perimeter equal to 340 m. If the rate of gardening is Rs. 10 per sq.m, find the cost of gardening the boundary?

A. Rs. 1800 B. Rs. 3400
C. Rs. 3440 D. Rs. 3540

Q10. The difference between the area of a rectangle and a square is 100, and their perimeter is equal to 80 cm. What are the sites of the rectangle?

A. 35 cm, 15 cm B. 25 cm, 17 cm
C. 26 cm, 10 cm D. 30 cm, 10 cm

Q11. Rakesh is running at a rate of 4 km/hr passes a square loan diagonally in 3 minutes. The area of the loan is?

A. 20000 sq.m B. 21000 sq.m
C. 18000 sq.m D. 19000 sq.m

Q12. The floor of a square room is to be paved with granite slabs having dimensions 20 cm x 30 cm. If the side of a room is 3 m, find the number of slabs required?

A. 235 B. 230
C. 225 D. 240

Q13. The length of a rectangle is 20% more than its breadth. Find the ratio of the area of the rectangle to that of the square whose side is equal to the breadth of the rectangle?

A. 8 : 9 B. 6 : 5
C. 3 : 2 D. 2 : 1

Q14. One side of a right-angled triangle is twice the other, and the hypotenuse is 10 cm. The area of the triangle is

A. 20 B. 19
C. 40 D. 50