Area with Explanation

Q1. A farmer wants to fence a 100 sq. m rectangular garden. But he has 30 meters barbed wire; he can fence only three sites of that garden. His house wall serves as a 4th side of the fencing. What is the dimension of the garden?

A. 15 m x 7.67 m B. 30 m x 4.33 m
C. 20 m x 5 m D. 35 m x 2.5 m

Q2. Three sites of a rectangular parking space are marked by yellow paint. If the sum of the length of the painted side is 37 feet and length of an unpainted side is 9 feet then find the area of this parking space?

A. 126 B. 91
C. 56 D. 253

Q3. A brick of dimensions 20 cm x 10 cm is to be used for flooring a hall having dimensions 25 m long and 16 m broad. Find the number of bricks required?

A. 16000 B. 20000
C. 25000 D. 17000

Q4. The breath of a rectangular playground is 60% of its length. If the perimeter of the ground is 800 m, find the area of this playground?

A. 18750 sq.m B. 40000 sq.m
C. 35000 sq.m D. 37500 sq.m

Q5. The perimeter of a rectangular carpet is 46 meters, and its area is 120 sq.m. What is the length of its diagonal?

A. 16 m B. 17 m
C. 18 m D. 15 m

Q6. The difference between the length and the breadth of a blackboard is 8 cm. If the breadth is decreased by 4 cm and the length is increased by 7 cm, the area remains the same. Find the dimensions of the blackboard?

A. 30, 22 B. 34, 26
C. 56, 48 D. 28, 20

Q7. The breadth of a rectangular field is increased by (r + 5)%, and the length decreased by r%. If the area of the field is unchanged, what is the value of r?

A. 20 B. 15
C. 8 D. 10