Alligation or Mixtures with Explanation

Q8. To make a profit of 20%, milkman mixed water to milk and sold it at the cost price. Find the ratio in which water and milk are mixed?

A. 1 : 5 B. 2 : 5
C. 2 : 3 D. 1 : 2

Q9. 36 kg of type 1 sugar costing Rs. 5.40 per kg is mixed with a certain quantity of type 2 sugar costing Rs. 8 per kg. A shopkeeper sells a mixture at Rs. 7.20 per kg and makes 20% profit. Find the quantity of type 2 sugar in the mixture?

A. 10.10 kg B. 10.5 kg
C. 10.2 kg D. 10.8 kg

Q10. A mixture of two liquids X and Y are in the ratio 7 : 5, is present in a container. When 9 litres of the mixture is drawn off, and liquid Y is filled in the container, the ratio of X and Y becomes 7 : 9. Find the quantity of liquid X present in the container initially?

A. 21 B. 20
C. 19 D. 25