Aptitude Questions and Answers

Aptitude questions are asked in interviews, entrance tests, and competitive exams to examine problem-solving skills of the candidate. It is a good way to judge candidate ability to learn. Whether you go for the private sector or public sector exam, aptitude is considered an indispensable part of an exam. It includes mathematical problems and questions. To perform routine official operations, a job seeker must be familiar with basic mathematical concepts. Knowledge of profit and loss, percentages, simple interest, and compound interest are needed in banking sectors. People engaged in construction-related work must know the concepts of time and work efficiently. Every aspirant must practice quantitative aptitude problems, again and again, to become proficient in it. One should try to solve a maximum number of questions without compromising accuracy. These questions are objective type in nature. At Tutorialsandyou, you will find detailed answers to questions with explanation. Following are the topics that are covered under quantitative aptitude-